This LUXURY collection is produced from mixed VICOSE fabrics,
high-tech MICROMERYL fabrics with innovative features and
SUPERFINE COTTON mixed fabrics. Such fabric as MERYL
SKINLIFE is produced of intelligent fibers designed for active lifestyle.
This is a new complete system of innovative and high performance
fibers which maintain the temperature balance of the body, create
specific feeling of softness and comfort, and maintain optimal water
balance of skin for a long period.
The sophisticated style of the collection in combination with
top modern fabrics, comfortable anatomic cut creates
long-lasting comfort to anyone.

High ranked position in business requires perfect dress code.
All details of your wear must be well coordinated.
And this is valid also for men’s underwear. In addition
to this the soft touch of top quality expensive fabric
on your body will give you good feeling for all day
long in the office,businessmeetingandafter.
Becauseyouneverknow what can happen after your business day.....
Special cool-down, an antibacterial Meril Nateo and Meril Skin Life
fabrics looks great and gives you exceptional
comfort. Always.