World global tendencies in development of fabrics
manufacture for underwear and sports.

Our underwear and sportswear is one of special details of our wardrobe which directly contacts to our skin and directly influences on our physical state of health. However, frequently we have no full information on materials it is made of.
The human skin can be compared to the second lungs. Through the pores our skin absorbs oxygen and water and returns back products of ability to live (toxins, salts and other chemical elements), therefore it is very important that the fabric is capable to pass through air, to absorb moisture, providing us a comfortable condition.
For a long period of time, raw materials for manufacture of fabrics were cotton, silk and wool. The fabric from natural fiber is not as good as it seems: it is not elastic, easily absorbs moisture and long dries, loses the form and color already after several washings.
The modern rhythm of life, general mass hobby for sports and healthy way of life demand from modern fabrics for underwear essentially other qualities. The underwear and clothes for sports only from natural fibers cannot satisfy completely inquiries of the modern person. New fibers are necessary which will improve properties of natural fabrics and even will be better and could replace them.
Opening and creation of polyamide fibers has changed completely all of the textile industry. The leading European and American textile companies began to create fabrics with addition of these fibers that has allowed eliminating lacks of natural fabrics and promoted occurrence new - with essentially excellent different properties.
Natural fabrics with addition of polyamide fibers are much more elastic, stronger and denser than natural, what has increased their heat-shielding properties and washability.
The companies producing thermo underwear having carried out test of a fabric with addition of the synthetic fibers of Coolmax consisting of 4 fibers, were convinced, that due to these fibers, the fabric has improved such qualities as hygroscopic and air permeability what has allowed to adjust a body temperature, to keep heat and to keep a moisture at fluctuations of an ambient temperature. Earlier these qualities were unrealizable to dream of. Manufacture of fabrics during last decades became already impossible without synthetic fibers.
For the last decade use of high-tech "know-how" has helped to create and make fibers Modal, Dorlastan, Meryl. Fabrics from these fifers or their combination with natural fibers give to clothes special softness, lightweight, comfort and stability in wear.
Company Nilstar, the owner of the brand Meryl, has created super thin string Microfiber which enables to create very thin knitted cloths of dense spinning from polyamide string Meryl. Fabrics with marks Meryl and Microfiber are unusually thin, differ special softness to the touch, allow very good air circulation. Underwear with addition of Meryl or Lycra fibers can be washed in the washing machine, it dries three times faster, than cotton, demands slight ironing or can remain without it.
Increase of demand for clothes for sports and an active way of life stimulated founders of Meryl for further researches and of ways to improve the quality of synthetic fibers which have led to creation of essentially new fabric Meryl SkinLife.

Manufacturers used nanotechnology for incorporating inside fibers at a molecular level of antibacterial substances which are capable to prevent or detain growth of bacteria due to what the fabric has got new property - to protect a body from duplication of bacteria, to eliminate a smell of sweat not irritating the skin.
Fabrics of the new generation created on such principle began to refer to bacteriostatic type of fabrics.
Modern manufacturers use special additives as natural antibacterial substances and one of which is ordinary silver. Fibers with incorporated silver molecular, except for antibacterial properties are allocated antistatic properties since silver possesses one of the best electric conductivity. An example of such cloths can be fabrics with addition of strings Coolmax and Thermolite Base from DuPont. They keep antibacterial properties after more than 250 washings.
The leading company in manufacture of fibers Invista has developed the concept under the name Lycra*Body Care (Lycra and Care of a Body). It creates synthetic fibers into which the microcapsules of Aloe Vera are incorporated, which is known for the cosmetic and medical properties. The fabrics from these fibers are humidifies, calms and slows down ageing of skin.
Bacteriostatic fabrics belong to the group of biotextiles and now represent one of priority directions in development of the textile industry. Application of high technologies and nonotechnology for incorporation of active substances inside of fibers opens unlimited possibilities for creation of all-new kinds of fabrics. Despite of not cheap manufacture, biotextiles wins the market, it is more and more often when manufacturers of clothes of well-known marks of underwear and clothes for sports prefer such fabrics. Here are certain examples of such manufactures:
Manufacturers of men's underwear: HOM, OLAF BENZ, MIKE ARNO (underwear), DIM, BODY ART.
Manufacturers of sportswear: FUSALP (sport underwear for skiing), DECATHLON (clothes for tennis), SOLOMON and NIKE (clothes for sports), SPEEDO and MIKE ARNO (swimwear).
MIKE ARNO underwear and Swimwear Company was one of the first which started production of men’s underwear from Microfiber fabrics and fabrics with special features for health life such as Meryl SkinLife, Meryl Aloe Vera, Meryl CoolMax and others. All products of MIKE ARNO were carefully tested by independent quality and hygienic control organizations and have got special certificates of quality and health care. Such certificates were received even in Russia which is not allow to sell items directly contacting to skin without passing through very tough hygienic tests.
We are in close cooperation with leading producers of top-modern fabrics and constantly trying to improve quality and features of our products.
We already created models from new special fabric produced out of Bamboo fibers and all-new CUPRO fabric from biologically created fibers.
These new fabrics will add additional comfort and health to our products.

MIKE ARNO fine bodywear