About us…

MIKE ARNO FINE BODYWEAR is a designer and producer company for top-quality, FASHION MEN's UNDERWEAR combining comfort, sensuality and eroticism simultaneously. This is clothes for those who understands and feels the difference. All products made exclusively in Europe from top-quality innovative European fabrics.
MIKE ARNO fine men Underwear Company is an International company which was created in 1996 by Mr. MIKE ARNO, French clothes designer. The philosophy of the company was to create only top-quality, fashion men underwear combining comfort, seductiveness, sensuality and eroticism simultaneously and intended for self-confident men, who would like to have only the best and most sophisticated clothes and ho whom, sometimes, underwear and swimwear is not only clothes but also the possibility to underline their prosperity and social status.
Through the years of experience we have reached impressive results in style and quality and clients likes our products as what we are doing is differ from other products.
For the beginning we were producing designer items for shows, cinema, video-art, theatres and private collections. Being successful we started production of limited series of men underwear for the most expensive innovative collections. Now our production is very popular and our clients appreciate our efforts to fulfill all their needs as our flexibility allows us to create new products in a shortest time. We use only top-quality, expensive European high-tech fabrics characteristics of which even better than features of traditional fabrics. All our products are made only in Europe with utmost care to details. The advantage of MIKE ARNO models is that they are very comfortable to wear for all day long and everyone can find the suitable model for his needs either from conservative range or from the most sophisticated designer models.
The flexibility of our production located in Europe gives us possibility to adopt our models to our client’s needs and even to use fabrics and colors according client’s choice.

Everyone can join the club of our honored clients and all what is necessary is the wish to be ahead of others is style and passion. Our contact details are as following for all international clients:

E-mail: sales.mikearno@gmail.com

E-mail: underwear@mikearno.com

WEB: http://www.mikearno.com
21, Petite rue de la Plaine BP 434 - 38311
cedex FRANCE